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Practice Areas

The Le Firm is a Personal Injury law firm that dedicates its practice to getting good people back to feeling great. As a distinguished, award-winning firm, our goal in every case is the same: to deliver our clients with the best results possible, whether that be by way of a favorable verdict at trial or delivering a maximum compensation settlement offer.

The Cases We Handle.

The Le Firm handles all matters personal injury, including cases involving wrongful death, car accidents, trucking accidents, dog-bites, bike accidents, bus accidents, pedestrian accidents, premise liability, traumatic brain injury (TBI), slip and falls, sexual assault, and more.

The road to healing and justice is a rarely smooth one. This is sometimes because wrong-doers and insurance companies attempt to escape accountability. We fight to avoid this. Our mission with every client at The Le Firm is to: (1) prosecute these wrong-doers and insurance companies attempting to escape accountability, and (2) defend our clients against being taken advantage of. 

Collision Coverage
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The Clients We Represent.

The Le Firm represents the harmed and injured throughout California. The firm is based out of Orange County but we handle cases in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Francisco, Alameda, and more. 

Clients choose The Le Firm over others because of our emphasis on honesty and respect. Regardless of social status or background, we treat our clients with respect and not like a number.  Client's also choose us because we are trial-ready. Attorney Harrison Le has over 20 trials under his belt and is not afraid to turn over every stone in your case.

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